About Evergrow Network Sdn Bhd

Evergrow Network Sdn. Bhd. (ENSB) is a company which specialises in developing and marketing of vertical market business solution software for the Small and Medium Businesses (SMB) market. The founders have noted that the Malaysian SMBs’ were relying mainly on accounting and stock control software to run their business, without realizing that the software that can cater for the current needs.

To-date, ENSB has successfully covered Kuala Lumpur, Penang, and Kedah.

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Main Activities

ENSB primary activities are divided into 2 main scopes:-

1. Software Development
Develop pre-packaged or off-the-shelf software, catering to Small Medium Business (SMB) & Small Medium Enterprise (SME). The founders not only envisioned the market potential, growth and sector requirements but have observed that many Malaysian businesses have yet to fully capitalized on system integration software. Many businesses have little realization that once IT is utilized & implemented well, business can run more efficiently to in turn gain better revenue and increase competitiveness. Currently, most SMBs’ and SMEs’ rely mainly on accounting and stock control software to manage their business. With that, ENSB reckons a clear product research & development direction i.e. to focus on Real time on line, IT integration, continuously & consistently enhance its products, so products’ core value added serve to increase businesses efficiency.

2. Marketing, Training & Support Services
In order to successfully distribute these pre-packaged software products, ENSB need to build a strong distribution network for sales and marketing. After which, timely training and support should be packaged together to assist system implementation processes. Branding activities and network/ channel building is also the core activities of ENSB.


Build Awareness of Total Business Solutions System & Lead Wide Spectrum of Customer to Exploit the System to Automate Business & Manage Global Business Dynamics by Tapping on Advance Technology


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• Support Customer’s Business Efficiency & Growth Via Our Software Solutions
• Establish As A Reputable Brand Offering Extensive Software Solutions
• Focus On Developing Simple, User Friendly Products To Increase Customer Base
• Continue R&D efforts to develop new business solutions, innovative and useful features to meet various types of business operations environment.